01. There are students from a [variety] of countries currently studying English in our program.
02. This restaurant has a wonderful buffet with dishes from [various] countries.
03. I like listening to [various] kinds of music, but my favorite is rock.
04. The weather in Seattle seems to [vary] from day to day, and sometimes even from hour to hour!
05. You need to eat a [varied] diet of fruit, vegetables and grains.
06. They offered a [variety] of Western and Eastern food at the final banquet.
07. He has applied for a [variety] of scholarships in the hopes of getting enough money to return to school.
08. Aphra Behn once said that [variety] is the soul of pleasure.
09. As the old saying goes, [variety] is the spice of life.
10. There are more than 15,000 different [varieties] of rice.
11. Sunflower seeds in a bird feeder will attract the greatest [variety] of wild birds.
12. There are approximately 13,000 identifiable [varieties] of roses throughout the world.
13. Temperature [variations] on Mercury are the most extreme in the solar system, ranging from 90 K to 700 K.
14. There is great [variation] in the number of sounds used in the world's languages; in any given language, the number of consonants range from 6 to 95, and the number of vowels range between 3 and 46.
15. The amount of rain we receive [varies] from year to year of course, but this year has been very dry.
16. In the course of conducting research, we can never know with absolute certainty whether we have achieved valid measurement of [variables].
17. In the typical North American household, the husband's share of housework tasks is small and does not [vary] with his wife's labor-force status.
18. Research shows that religious commitment [varies] significantly between countries.
19. The diet of brown bears [varies] depending on what foods are available in that particular season or habitat.
20. Certain stars are considered [variable], in that they change their brightness rapidly and periodically.
21. Rates of evolution [vary] enormously from one species to another.
22. Jason is not the best student; he is [invariably] late for class, and often forgets his homework.
23. H. Douglas Brown has noted that many [variables] are involved in the second language acquisition process.
24. The number of visitors to the museum [varies] from day to day. Some days the place is really packed, and other days it's dead slow.
25. The students were successful in [varying] degrees. Some did extremely well, while others barely passed.
26. The weather in Seattle at this time of year is extremely [variable]. One moment it is sunny, and five minutes later it is raining.
27. [Variables] such as age and religion must be considered when attempting to predict voting patterns in this country.
28. Global warming is being blamed for the unusual [variance] in rain patterns throughout the globe.
29. A [variant] of the SARS virus has recently appeared in China.
30. River systems are the major agents by which the Earth's surface is sculptured into a [variety] of landforms.
31. The water which falls on land can take a [variety] of different paths back to the ocean.

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